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Marble’s Knives & Axes

Marble's Compass & Knike Webster L. Marble came to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the early 1890’s and quickly gained the reputation of being one of the regions finest "timber cruisers". His uncanny ability to look at a specific forested acreage and predict the board foot yield made him very popular with the many logging companies in the area. Marble loved the outdoors and the vast Upper Peninsula offered innumerable opportunities to hunt, fish, camp and explore the environment. An inventor by nature he was continually seeking to create useful tools and equipment that would be both practical and durable in the outdoors.

By 1898 Mr. Marble had designed and patented his now famous "Safety Axe". A modest one room manufacturing facility located behind his home became the "Marble Safety Axe Company" and the dedicated entrepreneur was on his way. Over the next quarter century Marble designed and patented axes, sporting knives, guns and numerous other hunting and outdoor related products. In 1911 the company was renamed "Marble Arms and Manufacturing Company", the first of several name changes over the years.

Marbles Outdoors filed for bankruptcy in September 2009. Blue Ridge Knives and Smokey Mountain Knife Works purchased the Marbles name in 2010. Most Marble’s products are now being imported.


Marbles Stacked Leather Handle
Stacked Leather
Marbles Jigged Bone Handle
Jigged Bone
Marbles Golden Curly Oak Handle
Golden Curly Oak
Marbles Leather and Stag Pommel Handle
Leather/Stag Pommel

Marble’s knives are designed for the discriminating outdoorsman who demands quality, reliability, and functionality with a traditional look and feel. Seven time-tested Marble’s blade patterns Fieldcraft,
Gut Hook, Ideal, Plainsman, Sport, Trailmaker, and Woodcraft. The blades are composed of superior American made carbon steel specially formulated for strength and durability and are available in four popular handle materials. Stacked Leather, Jigged Bone, Golden Curly Oak, and Stacked Leather with a Stag Pommel.

Marbles Leather Sheaths

An extraordinary Marble’s knife deserves an extraordinary sheath. Marble’s has achieved this goal by blending tradition with technology to produce our new lineup of Marble’s 'Safety Sheaths'. Every Marble’s Classic Series Knife comes complete with a traditional, high quality, oiled leather sheath beautifully embossed with the Marble’s Logo. The 'strap' design keeps the knife secure yet allows the handle to be displayed for all to see and admire. Marble’s sheaths are lined with a plastic lining for extra protection. This unique inside protector lining affords an extra degree of safety and security for the user while heavy duty stitching and two strategically placed steel rivets combined with a tapered and fitted shape insures a sheath that is both functional and long lasting.


Marbles Safe Grip Series Knives

Many of today’s outdoorsmen prefer the convenience of a stainless steel blade. The Marble’s tough synthetic "Safe Grip" handle joined with a quality high carbon 420 HC stainless steel blade produces a knife that is both sharp and easy to maintain. Highly rust and stain resistant, the Marble’s "Safe Grip" is tough, practical, and will afford many years of reliable and effective field service to the most demanding hunter. "Safety Sheath" made of Cordura.


Marbles Compass Marble’s traditional brass body compasses are a 100-year-old institution with outdoorsmen worldwide. Teddy Roosevelt carried a Marble’s compass on many of his famous hunting expeditions all over America. Both Admiral Perry and Byrd used Marble’s compasses on trips to the North and South Pole. Our compasses have been routinely pinned on G.I. Bomber and flight jackets in every American conflict since World War II.

Marble’s compasses are still in use today by serious outdoorsmen the world over. Available in both pin on and pocket versions the Marble’s compass still features solid brass bar stock construction that is CNC precision machined in the same traditional look. The brass casing is strong, malleable, waterproof, and will not rust. The movement rotates on an ultra smooth agate jewel bearing and our crystal is virtually shatterproof. With a distinctive revolving black face and green luminous letters the Marble’s compass is simple and easy to read. Both historically significant and everyday practical the famous Marbles’ compass should be a part of every serious sportsman’s gear.

Encyclopedia of Marble's Knives & Sporting Collectibles

The book is over 175 color pages of Marble's knives and collectibles. This is a hardbound book with dust cover. There is pricing included with most every item in the book and it is the only and most complete price guide on Marble's Collectibles.

Chapter One: The Marble Story
Chapter Two: Marble Axes
Chapter Three: Webster Marble's Ideal Hunting Knife
Chapter Four: Webster Marble's Other Belt Knives
Chapter Five: Marble Arm's Belt Knives
Chapter Six: Folding Knives and Tools
Chapter Seven: Fish Knives, Gaffs, and Creel
Chapter Eight: Sheaths
Chapter Nine: Compasses, Match Boxes, Gift Sets and Game Calls
Chapter Ten: Firearms and Accessories
Chapter Eleven: Advertising
Chapter Twelve: Marble's in the New Century
Appendix A: Marks
Appendix B: Grading


Marbles Safety Axe 5
Safety Axe No. 5
Marbles Safety Axe 6
Safety Axe No. 6
Marbles Hunter Axe
Hunter’s Axe
Marbles Belt Axe
Belt Axe

In 1898 the primary business of the "Marble Safety Axe Company" was the design and manufacture of axes. With an eye toward a unique and innovative new product Webster Marble made more than 18 models of his revolutionary "Marble’s safety axe" until he was satisfied with the strength and durability of the famous axe. Still in use today we offer the Safety Axe No. 5 and No. 6 as well as the Belt Axe model. The new double bit Hunter’s Axe proudly carries on the tradition of more than 100 years of making and selling quality axes for serious woodsmen the world over.


Marbles Knive Sharpener Keep your Marble’s knives sharp with the Redi-Edge Tacticle Pocket Pro Hunting Knife sharpener. It takes the guess work out of knife sharpening and insures a consistent, sharp edge every time. The sharpening blades are formulated from micro-grain carbide steel that is harder than cutlery steel. If you like your blades honed and polished as well as sharp, the Marble’s Redi-Edge can do the job. It has a hardened ceramic honing surface chemically bonded to its anodized aluminum handle. Use it like a whetstone-it won’t wear off.

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